Maintaining the internal temperature of your home is a delicate balance. When it is warm outside, many homeowners look to cooling devices to help lower the temperature in either the whole home or a single room. When the weather turns cold, there is a need to create heat inside the home. Boilers utilise the process of heating water and distributing the steam throughout the system to generate heat. When a boiler is not working properly, it can create a variety of issues within the home.

What Can Go Wrong

Having an understanding of how a boiler works and how to identify boiler issues are amongst the many reasons to search for the best boiler services in Plymouth. Some of the more common issues associated with an improperly working boiler are:

  • Making excessive noises
  • Power supply issues (gas or electric)
  • Emitting an odour or odd smell
  • Faulty gauges
  • Leakages not allowing the system to build pressure

Don’t Take Your Boiler For Granted

Boilers can be combined to allow for the control of the temperature of the water inside the home as well. Boilers come in gas or electric models and require regular service to ensure proper working order. Gas boilers will most commonly emit a smell of rotten eggs when a leak is present while electric boilers will emit an odour similar to a fire. If you are using a boiler and a unique smell is detected or it is making odd noises, it is best to seek a professional rather than attempt to fix the issue yourself. Older boilers can be upgraded to newer models that are more efficient, which allows the user to not only see better temperature control but may also save money in energy usage.