A difficult question to answer is a simple sentence, as garage doors come in a range of designs, with automated solutions available in all door styles. It depends on both your personal preference and the physical setting, as in the amount of space and area covered, but to make your selection a little easier, here is a brief description of available garage door designs.

  • Up and Over – The classic up and over makes the very best of the garage space, and is effortless to open or close, thanks to a counter balance. They come in timber, metal, or even a composite if you prefer a maintenance free solution. There are experienced suppliers of garage doors in Petersfieldwho can show you the various designs and help you choose a suitable style.
  • Side Opening – A pair of side opening doors would require a solid base upon which a track would be set, and the heavier the doors, the more robust the system should be.
  • Roller Shutters – Normally reserved for retail outlets, the latest generation of roller shutter garage doors offer a sleek and slim-line solution, with motorised operation. Stylish aluminium comes in powder coated colours, and as far as security goes, no one is getting in through the garage with roller shutters.

Whatever the style, installing garage doors should be left to the supplier, who will issue a full warranty if it comes with installation, and with their wealth of experience, you will end up with the perfect set of attractive garage doors.