The drainage system in your home is a complex maze of pipes that remove all waste and should you ever experience a blockage, it can be a very stressful and unpleasant experience. Many homeowners ask the question, “What causes a blocked drain?” There are a number of potential causes, which include the following.

Residue Build Up

If we aren’t careful, all kinds of substances end up going down the plug hole, which include:

  • Soap
  • Human hair
  • Tissue paper
  • Food waste

One way to minimise the risk of a blocked drain is to install fine wire mesh grills over the kitchen and bathroom sinks and the shower, which prevents material from entering the drainage system. Fortunately, there are emergency drain services in East London who have all the equipment to unblock any drain, and regardless of the time, they will send a mobile unit to your home within minutes rather than hours.

Tree Roots

A major cause of drain blockages is tree roots that grow into the piping, which can cause a partial collapse, or worse. Tree roots can be every deep and can spread a long way and the solution would be either to use an inner sleeve or to replace the damaged section.

Ground Subsidence

This can cause a drain blockage, which is usually found in an old or new property, where the ground can shift. By calling out an expert, you will very quickly get to the bottom of the problem and the specialist will recommend the best solution.