Before putting your hand in your pocket and buying some property or some land you first need to make sure that a proper survey is done. The plan might show the dimensions and the buyer may point them out to you, but you don’t want any surprises when you sign your name on the contract.

This is when surveyors are invaluable and while many draw out the area using conventional methods try looking for some local 3D laser scanning in Manchester and you will get more accurate dimensions and sizes that may spot something that isn’t part of the land or something that is but isn’t listed on the plans.

The following are some of the reasons why people who own or are thinking about buying a property or land, hire surveyors.

  1. They find the exact boundary lines so that if you are an owner, you can erect a wall or fence and if you are a buyer you know exactly what you are paying for.
  2. A survey can check for rights of way and easements that have been in place and are registered at the local land office. Your neighbour may have right of way over your property and you need to check this before you buy or intend to build anything else.
  3. The survey can tell you about the things over the ground, but also what lies beneath. There may be power lines or drains below the surface and you need to know about these, if it is your intention to expand the current building or erect a new one.

Before committing to anything make sure that you get a survey done of the property or land. You will thank me later.