If you would rather extend rather than relocate, you certainly wouldn’t be alone, and for many UK homeowners, there seems to be but one option; a traditional bricks and mortar extension. Actually, you have several other choices when looking to add some quality living space, and here they are.

  • Loft Conversion – The high price of labour and building materials has created a big interest in loft conversions, and this is without a doubt the cheapest way to add a room to your home. Fortunately, the best domestic building company in Chesterfieldis a master at converting lofts, and with his help, you can create the perfect space.
  • Modular Home – Container homes are very popular, and with a choice of 20 or 40 ft units, you can really use your imagination. If the garden is big enough, a 3 or 4 unit combination would give you another house. The timber log cabin style summer house is another option, although you are looking at very high maintenance, and with a stand-alone structure, you also have some privacy and seclusion.
  • Conservatory – Double glazed and made to measure, a conservatory brings the garden into the living room, and with tasteful blinds and a nice terrace with an awning, you have the perfect rest and relaxation area.

Talk to your local building services provider, and he can quote for a range of options, and once you know the cost of a loft conversion, your mind will be made up. Using a local tradesman ensure a first-class job, and this can be finished in time for the long-awaited summer.