Large trees offer us great shading and their natural beauty makes for the perfect garden backdrop, yet, like all living things, mature trees occasionally need some TLC. If you have a few mature trees on your property, here are some tips to ensure they remain strong healthy.

  • Protect the Bark– Avoid strimming too close the tree trunk, as this can remove the exterior bark, and try not to make contact with your lawn mower, as this can also cause damage to the exterior surfaces. When pruning, avoid cutting any branches flush with the trunk, and with affordable tree surgeons in Kent who can ensure correct pruning, you can rest assured your trees are in the best shape for the new growing season.
  • Spread MulchAround the Base – If you dig down a few inches and create a wide circle around the tree that is filled with mulch, this will nourish the tree, while also protecting the trunk from damage due to collision. While most large trees can all the nourishment they need naturally, it is always a good idea to add a little more.
  • Effective Watering– Large trees do need watering when there is no rainfall, and this is best achieved by placing a hosepipe on the ground near the tree and letting the water seep into the ground, while moving the pipe every few minutes to ensure an even soaking.

Should you ever require the help of an experienced tree surgeon, a Google search is the best way to locate a nearby arborist, and with his expert advice, you can be sure that your large trees will always be healthy.